Angaza Awards

The Angaza Awards: Women to Watch in Banking & Finance aims to recognise women who are steering and shaping the financial services sector. The motivation of the Angaza Awards is the need to raise awareness of seasoned women within the sector towards promoting board and C-level diversity.

Kenyan Wallstreet’s CTO Eric Jackson hosts the Global Director at Rolls-Royce’s R2 Data Labs, Caroline Gorski, as they explore the topic of Artificial Intelligence.

The R2 Data Labs is the tech arm of Rolls-Royce that is tasked with developing data applications that unlock design, manufacturing and operational efficiencies within Rolls-Royce, and creates new service propositions for customers.

Blockchain & Crypto

What is Web 3.0 and why should you care? In this podcast show we cover Web 3.0 technologies ranging from Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Decentralized autonomous Organizations (DAOs), blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

CEO Chat

Join us as we chat with a CEO. Get to ask them questions about their brand and what keep them striving.

Fluent in Tax

Fluent in Tax

Fleunt in Tax is a new show birthed out of a collaboration between Kenyan Wallstreet and

How Africa Built This: Tech Giants is a monthly podcast series hosted by Jim Chu, Founder and CEO at Untapped Global, who talks to African startup giants to uncover their journeys, and experience in building and scaling their businesses. Listen to the conversation live on Untapped Global Clubhouse or binge on the podcast here or via the Hisa App available on Google and Apple app stores.

In October 2020, the Kenya Bankers Association held 4th edition the Africa Regional e-Conference for Leading Women in Banking and Finance. The conference, themed “Breaking Barriers and Redefining Leadership in Africa”
was a great success seeing over 1600 attendees who were senior women executives from more than 25 countries.

We caught up with some of the speakers at the event to discuss matters gender inclusivity in the financial services industry.

Markets Weekly Update

Global Markets

Join our Chief Financial Analyst, Felix Ochieng, as he walks through the trending topics in the markets, finance and economics. Felix is occassionally joined by expert guests to discuss the main themes influencing both the local (Kenyan), regional (African) and global financial markets.

Meet the Investor

Have you wondered what investors look for before they invest in any business? Well, join us to hear it first hand from investors drawn across different disciplines and across the world. This is a must listen especially if you are a founder in Africa looking to raise funding for your startup.

Moolah is slang for Money. is a platform for the Kenyan youth on all matters money: budgeting, investments, loans and credit, financial planning, home ownership and retirement and much more.

Personal Finance

This podcast shows aims to demystify personal finance. We will discuss and interview industry experts on:
- Savings
- Investments Options & Avenues
- Budgeting
- Personal Tax Planning
- Credit Scores & Accessing Credit
- Emergency Funds
- Personal Loans & Debt
- Insurance
- Retirement Planning

The Innovators

The Innovators - Ventilator

Join us as we chat with innovators breaking ground in the Kenyan Tech and Innovation space, challenging norms to develop solutions that solve unique challenges across the country.

Kenyan Wallstreet's, Ally Mwakaneno talks to Ibrahim Roy Karuthiru, Managing Partner at Bricklane Capital LLP on where to start if you want to invest offshore, how the domestic market compares to offshore markets, and the requirements for opening an offshore investment account.

This podcast series is for both beginner and experienced investors.

The series is aimed at anyone who is interested in learning how to start investing in offshore markets especially the New York Stock Exchange. We will explore the options available for users in Kenya and also discuss the risks and potential rewards that await.

The Startup Show

In this show, we catch up with Startup Founders in Kenya and across Africa to hear their stories of founding their companies, the challenges they had to overcome along the way in the most honest of discussions

This podcast series features interviews with business leaders while exploring how decision-makers bring their ideas to scale within the corporate world. It features interviews with thought leaders whose stories and experiences provide valuable insights to The Kenyan Wallstreet Community