Implications of the Finance Bill 2022 Episode 1

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Finance Bill 2022
Fleunt in Tax is a new show birthed out of a collaboration between Kenyan Wallstreet and
In this episode Eric Jackson speaks to John, a tax expert from as they break down:
  • implications of the news Finance Bill 2022
  • how the new taxes will affect individuals and small businesses
  • the various timelines before the bill becomes and act and is potentially turned into law
  • what you can do to suggest changes to the bill is a boutique tax consultancy firm that helps Kenyans, both in the country and in the diaspora, to understand and file their taxes. If you need help filing your taxes, please visit and you will be assisted.
Podcast Host: Eric Jackson, co-founder Kenyan Wallstreet & Hisa
Guest: John, Tax Expert
Production: Rawlins Hamisi
Episode 1