Rahel Musyoki on Pan-African Trends in Pay As You Go Health Insurance

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Rahel Musyoki
In this episode, Ms Marita Obare interviews Rahel Musyoki as they discuss:
  • Pan-African trends in pay as you go health insurance
  • recent innovations in health fintech
  • what it takes to succeed in fintech space/what every fintech entrepreneur should know.
Rahel Musyoki was named a 2022 Top Woman to Watch in Banking and Finance by the Angaza Awards.
Rahel Musyoki was responsible for the growth of CarePay’s revenue and portfolio through its disruptive health e-payments technology solution dubbed M-TIBA. By leveraging partnerships with private and public sector organizations, as well as, donors and philanthropic organizations, Rahel has led the company in co-creating sustainable solutions that enable citizens in vulnerable and marginalized communities to have access to affordable healthcare services and financing across a wide network of medical service providers. Her unit has built a network of 1,000 plus healthcare facilities with negotiated costs where individuals with low incomes and the working poor, as well as their families, can access and receive quality healthcare.
Podcast Host: Ms. Marita Obare, Co-founder Ngazi, an on-transit advertising platform for small businesses in Kenya.
Guest: Rahel Musyoki, healthcare consultant, formerly M-TIBA
Production: Rawlins Hamisi

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