The KQ-SAA Partnership, The Auditor’s Qualified Opinion on KenGen and The Curious Case of Uber Delivering Cannabis

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Uber KQ-SAA Partnership

In this episode, we discuss the partnership between Kenya Airways and South Africa Airlines, and what it means for both parties, share investor concerns on Kengen, and touch on Uber Eats venture into the cannabis market. Listen to this episode to understand why the KQ/SAA partnership might not fly, hear KenGen response to the Auditor’s qualified opinion and some things that investors could still be worried about, and learn why Uber Eats still faces the smoke of illegal supply in Canada’s marijuana market. Binge on all our podcasts directly through the Hisa App on Android or iOS, or subscribe to the Kenyan Wallstreet podcast wherever you listen from.

This episode features:

Felix Ochieng – Chief Financial Analyst, Hisa
Mwakaneno Gakweli – Podcast Producer and Host, Hisa
Hamisi Rawlins – Cofounder, Culture Capture
Produced by Mwakaneno Gakweli

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