Suspended Negative CRB Listing, Safaricom and Equity Group Earnings and Curious Case of the Tesla Shares Dip

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In this episode, we discuss the Central Bank of Kenya’s Directive to suspend the listing of negative information of borrowers with loans under Ksh 5 million that were previously performing but went under from 1 October 2021, the suspension of clearance certificates as a requirement for job application, the shining results of Safaricom and Equity Group and the mechanics behind Elon’s share sale and the following dip.
Tune in now to learn why suspending CRB listing and adopting cost-based lending could democratize access to credit and increase its cost for some, how suspending clearance documents is a respite for job seekers that would benefit even more from zero pricing of background check documents, the gaps in results of the giants, and why the Twitter poll did not in fact influence Elon’s decision to sell some of his Tesla Shares. 
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This episode features:
Felix Ochieng – Chief Financial Analyst, Hisa
Mwakaneno Gakweli – Podcast Host and Producer, Kenyan Wallstreet/Hisa
Produced and Directed by Mwakaneno Gakweli 

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