Leveraging Partnerships, Value Creation and Impact Focus Investment Process in Building Valuable Africa Businesses

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Building Valuable Africa Businesses with Takudzwa Mutasa
In this episode, we host Takudzwa Mutasa, a partner at DPI to discuss the opportunity for investment in Africa, the role of impact and sustainability in building valuable African businesses and exit options for investors in the continent. 
Join us as we break down the importance of partnership, value creation expertise, and impact-focused investment processes in driving value creation in investments and improving portfolio businesses in Africa. Taku also touches on the key trends that make Africa a very attractive investment destination: a young population and a growing workforce, strong demographics, the rapid wave of urbanization, technology and digital transformation and natural resource endowment of the continent.
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This episode features:
Takudzwa Mutasa – Partner, Development Partners International
Mwakaneno Gakweli – Podcast Producer and Host, Kenyan Wallstreet and Hisa
Audio Production by Mwakaneno Gakweli

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