Developments in Safaricom’s Entry Into Ethiopia

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Developments in Safaricom's Entry Into Ethiopia
In this episode, Eric Asuma talks to Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa and CFO Dilip Pal on Developments in Safaricom’s Entry Into Ethiopia following the state of emergency, the shifting conflict and delays in the US DFC $500 million loan. 
Listen now to understand why Safaricom is still optimistic about launching in Ethiopia in mid-2022 despite the shifting conflict, its Capex commitment so far, and its investment in the market for the short and mid-term. 
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This episode features:
Peter Ndegwa – CEO, Safaricom
Dilip Pal – CFO, Safaricom Eric Asuma – CEO, Hisa
Audio Production by Mwakaneno Gakweli

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