Building a Business Case for Agriculture in Africa with Khula CEO Karidas Tshintsholo

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Khula CEO Karidas Tshintsholo with Hisa Cofounder Eric Jackson

In this episode, Eric Jackson talks to Khula Co-founder and CEO Karidas Tshintsholo on making a business case for agriculture in Africa through availing inputs that allow subsistence farmers to try commercial agriculture, building a marketplace that connects farmers to bulk buyers and establishing platforms for farmers to raise funds for their operations. This episode also covers the net positive effect of COVID-19 in agriculture and agritech, and why telling African startup stories benefits Africa’s entrepreneurship.
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This episode features:
Karidas Tshintsholo – Co-founder and CEO, Khula
Eric Jackson – Co-founder, Hisa
Production by Mwakaneno Gakweli.

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