Deepening Kenya’s Domestic Markets Through Improving Capacity of Retail Investors

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Deepening Kenya's Domestic Markets Through Improving Capacity of Retail Investors

In this episode, we talk to Anthony Kirui on the status of Kenya’s capital markets, specifically looking at improving access for retail investors, heading against foreign outflows and moving away from safe bets like government securities. This episode follows the release of the 2021 Africa Financial Markets Index, where Kenya’s market attractiveness fell to 11th position in Africa, scoring especially poorly in its local investor capacity. We explore possible remedies such as breaking barriers for retail investors, adoption of global master agreements, and how day trading and margin trading could help private individuals flourish in the domestic markets.
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This episode features:
Anthony Kirui – Director, Head of Global Markets, Kenya and Africa Regional Operations at Absa Bank Kenya PLC
Mwakaneno Gakweli  – Journalist/Podcast Host, The Kenyan Wallstreet and Hisa

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