The High Court Case Against Uber and the Curious Case of the Kenya-Somalia ICJ Ruling

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Uber KQ-SAA Partnership

This week, the high court ruled that there is an intricate link between Uber BV and Uber Kenya, a decision that could allow uber drivers in Kenya to sue both companies for fare reductions on the platform. Join Mwakaneno and Nicole as they travel back to 2016, the genesis of the court case against uber, to break down the different arguments in the case and what it could mean for drivers and riders. We also talk to Rimah Mogiri about the events around the Kenya-Somalia maritime, Kenya’s elusiveness, the possible economic impact of the ruling, and what next after the ICJ.
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This episode features:
Nicole Omaya – Community Manager, Hisa
Mwakaneno Gakweli – Business Journalist, Producer and Podcast Host, Hisa
Rimah Mogiri – Partner, Sisule and Advocates.

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