State of Crypto in Africa: Interview with Uganda and Kenya Celo Leads

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State of Crypto in Africa: Interview with Celo Leads

In partnership with BitcoinKe, we recently interviewed Umar Bukenya, Uganda Ecosystem lead at cLabs and Daniel Kimotho, Kenya Ecosystem Lead at cLabs, a member of the Alliance for Prosperity and part of the community working on Celo. cLabs has built an open, decentralized platform, designed to support stable coins and tokenized assets, which are optimized for mobile phones.

In the interview, we asked Daniel and Umar about their thoughts on the future of cryptocurrency, the state of the crypto market and Celo’s ongoing and upcoming plans in Africa.

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This episode features:

Daniel Kimotho – Kenya Ecosystem Lead, cLabs

Eric Asuma – CEO, Kenyan Wallstreet

David Gitonga – Founder, BitcoinKe

Umar Bukenya – Uganda Ecosystem Lead, cLabs

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