Of a Sky High 6.91% Inflation, the Petroleum Levy, TikTok’s NFT and the Curious Case of the eNaira

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This week, we saw Kenya’s monthly inflation skyrocket to a 19 month high of 6.91% largely driven by higher fuel costs and fuel, grew ecstatic of the Presidential directive for lower electricity tariffs, watched legislators circle the unpopular petroleum levy and held our breaths for Nigeria’s eNaira.

Listen to this episode to find out what’s driving higher inflation, how our hopes for lower electricity tariffs died in Presidential fine print, and why we need the Petroleum Levy. In this podcast, you will also hear why Nigeria is launching a CBDC, after a long crypto ban and what to expect from TikTok NFT.

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This episode features:
Felix Ochieng – Chief Financial Analyst, Hisa

Nicole Omaya – Community Manager, Hisa

Mwakaneno Gakweli – Business Journalist, Producer and Podcast Host, Hisa

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