How Digital HR Solutions are Changing HR in East Africa With WorkPay CEO Paul Kimani

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Digital HR Solution WorkPay CEO

In this episode, Mwakaneno Gakweli talks to Paul Kimani about his experience building a Digital HR solution, the hard questions that helped the company find product-market fit, and how the startup faced off with legacy systems. We then break down how digital HR systems are solving everyday problems like payments, and how they could cut wastages like ghost workers and inefficiencies of cash payment systems endemic in the informal sector. Finally, we discuss how COVID-19 is shaping the HR space, opening up cross-border hiring, and changing how managers engage teams as they work from home.

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This episode features:

Paul Kimani – Founder and CEO, WorkPay

Mwakaneno Gakweli – Business Journalist, Podcast Producer and Host, Hisa.

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