Of Safaricom’s Smart Meters for Kenya Power, Commercially Viable Turkana Oil, and the Curious Case of WhatsApp Business Directory

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Uber KQ-SAA Partnership

Last week, Safaricom proposed smart meters for Kenya Power at a rather skewed revenue split, Tullow Oil confirmed just how much oil is commercially viable in Turkana at higher costs, US announced sanctions over the conflict in Tigray and Zuckerberg announced yellow pages like features for businesses on WhatsApp.

In the latest episode of We Are Curious, we put to test Safaricom’s proposition for smart meters, and whether Kenya Power is likely to accept the 75%/25% revenue sharing split favouring Safaricom. We also ask important questions with regards to the viability of the oil project in Turkana, given only 585 million barrels out of the total 2.85 million barrels is commercially viable (at least at the moment), at a higher cost. We close the episode looking at what’s happening in global markets, with the US issuing sanctions against parties involved in the Tigray war, and Zuckerberg launching a directory-like feature for small businesses on WhatsApp.

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This episode features:
Felix Ochieng – Chief Financial Analyst, Hisa

Nicole Omaya – Community Manager, Hisa

Mwakaneno Gakweli – Business Journalist, Producer and Podcast Host, Hisa

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