Focusing Investments in Local Founders With Uncap CEO Franziska Reh

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Uncap CEO Franziska Reh

In this episode, Mwakaneno Gakweli talks to Franziska Reh on why it is important to focus investment on founders, especially local founders and how that can make a large difference given their knowledge and experience in the market. We also discuss Uncap’s investment strategy, leveraging ticket sizes between 10K – 50K USD to early-stage founders through a tech-enabled platform that helps build a portfolio that they can use in future funding rounds, as well as what fund managers can do to bridge funding gaps in regions and gender.

This episode features:

Franziska Reh – CEO and Co-Founder, Uncap

Mwakanno Gakweli – Business Journalist and Lead Podcast Host, Hisa and The Kenyan Wallstreet.


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