Andrew Bourne on How Enhancing Data Protection Through Transparency and Privacy-Centric Regulation

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Andrew Bourne Zoho Privacy

In this episode, we talk to Andrew Bourne, Regional Manager for Africa at Zoho, on how best businesses can approach data privacy for their clients, which is an even more significant concern following the accelerated digital migration because of COVID-19. Some of the main points in this discussion include the importance of tracking tools like cookies and how businesses can responsibly handle data from cookies, seeking consent before sharing customer data and using less invasive tracking tools like first-party trackers. Andrew also shares insights on how best regulation could enhance data protection, alternatives to third party trackers, and how companies could operate in a pro-privacy regulatory environment.

Audio Production by Ally Mwakaneno Gakweli – Business Writer & Podcast Host, Hisa Technologies

Snippet Artwork by Muteti Munyambu – Graphics Designer, Hisa Technologies

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