Safaricom and the NSE Indices’ Uptick, Crown Paints Rights Issue, and Xiaomi Overtaking Apple in Global Phone Market share

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Safaricom Crown Paints Xiaomi
In this episode, the Hisa team discusses how Safaricom’s 3.27% uptick last week affected turnovers, dives into the Crown Paints rights issue, and what it will mean for the company and the global smartphone outlook with Xiaomi as the second-largest smartphone maker by market share. 
  • There was positive activity in all indices, with the All-share index gaining 17.5% YTD and 1.9% week on week closing at 178.65 basis points. The NSE 20 added 20 basis points, closing at 1972.33 basis points, while the NSE 25 gained 37.01 points, closing at 3902.04 basis points.
  • The performance of the indices is likely driven by Safaricom, the top mover, whose counter rose by 3.27% following the licenced granted in Ethiopia and the subsidiary’s announcement. Safaricom traded 855 million shares for the week. 
  • DTB traded 5.2 million shares valued at 306 million, while Equity Group traded 4.5 million shares valued at 219 million. 
  • Overall market turnover fell by 32.38% to close the week at 56.25 million, compared to 83.18 million recorded in the previous week.
  • Zoom is planning to acquire five9, a cloud-based service for $14.7 billion
  • Xiaomi is the second-largest smartphone exporter, overtaking apple by 3%, 17% of the global market share for the last quarter.
Audio Production by Ally Mwakaneno Gakweli – Business Writer & Podcast Host, Hisa Technologies
Snippet Artwork by Muteti Munyambu – Graphics Designer, Hisa Technologies

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