A Deep Dive into The Volatility and the Regulation of Cryptocurrency

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In this episode, the Hisa team and family discuss volatility in cryptocurrency assets and some crypto assets’ rise (and fall). The podcast delves into the difference between cryptocurrencies and crypto assets, the basics of crypto assets, and why the existence of various cryptocurrencies poses a challenge to regulation. We also explore the effect of China’s offensive standpoint towards crypto investors and miners and the adoption of cryptocurrencies in smaller jurisdictions like El Salvador, Tanzania and South Africa toward cryptocurrencies and how it might affect investors in the space. Finally, we look at how risk-averse investors not ready to dive into cryptocurrency portfolios could invest in crypto-related industries such as listed mining companies.


  • The El Salvador adoption is less about making cryptocurrencies legal tenders and more about giving more room for innovation around the assets.
  • Investors who cannot afford older assets like bitcoin could consider more recent assets like altcoins.
  • China’s standpoint could be its posterchild model of developing its own systems similar to their approach towards search engines and application stores. Nevertheless, its crackdown on cryptocurrencies is likely to affect prices in the future, given the population and influence of the country.
  • Regulation targeting cryptocurrency platforms could reduce risks like scamming and offer reprieve to investors.

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