#CEOChat MOriental Bank CEO Alakh Kohli Harnessing Digital Banking Opportunities For Business Continuity

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Alakh Kohli MOriental

In this episode, MOriental Bank CEO Alakh Kohli talks of harnessing digital banking opportunities for business continuity, going into detail about how mobile banking changing the Kenyan banking space through innovations like Pesalink and why USSD banking is important for the financial sector deepening. He also talks of the importance of initiatives like Kaa Chonjo, promoting a two-way approach towards protecting banks and clients against cybersecurity threats like phishing and identity theft. Finally, Kohli talks about cryptocurrencies in the banking space and the need of adopting the right framework which protects clients, banks and stakeholders over the proclivity to be the first mover.

Audio Production by Ally Mwakaneno Gakweli – Business Writer & Podcast Host, Hisa Technologies

Snippet Artwork by Muteti Munyambu – Hisa Technologies

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