Maelis Carraro on Empowering Startups in Underserved Markets to Drive Financial Health

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Maelis Carraro

In this episode of Meet the Investor, Maelis Carraro, Catalyst Fund Managing Director, explains the work the fund does in empowering startups in underserved markets to deepen financial access and financial health.

She further explains the why the fund’s model of working with an investor board and offering grants of unto $100,000 to early stage startups is critical to helping those companies scale up their operations and impact and even ready them for further funding.

However, she is quick to note that a lot needs to be done in emerging markets and specifically in Africa to drive financial health in underserved populations especially women, poor, rural and unbanked customers.

We also discuss on what the Catalyst Fund looks for in startups when investing and finish off with a call to action for startups wishing to join the June 2021 cohort.

This episode features:

  • Maelis Carraro – Managing Director, Catalyst Fund
  • Eric Jackson – Co-Founder & CTO, Hisa Technologies
  • Audio Production by Ally Mwakaneno Gakweli

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