Elsie Mbugua on Boosting Sustainable Investments in the Energy Sector

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Elsie Mbugua

In this episode, Leadwood Energy Founder and Managing Director, Elsie Mbugua explains the shift in the energy trading industry over her 15 year career spanning stints in Goldman Sachs, J.P Morgan and in different continents from US to London and now Africa. She further talks about the shift in investments from fossil fuels to renewable energy and the increasing need for environmental, social and corporate governance in companies. We then wrap up the discussion with some of the innovations to look forward to in the energy sector in Kenya and Africa at large.

This episode features:

Elsie Mbugua – Founder and Managing Director, Leadwood Energy

Eric Jackson – Co-Founder & CTO, Hisa Technologies

Audio Production by Ally Mwakaneno Gakweli

Episode Artwork by Muteti Munyambu – Hisa Technologies

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