NCBA Bank Rwanda CEO Lina Higiro Talks of Being Intentional on Structural and Soft Changes to Create Inclusive Workspaces

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NCBA bank Rwanda CEO Lina Higiro

NCBA Bank Rwanda Chief Executive Office and Angaza Awards Finalist Lina Higiro chats with Ally Mwakaneno Gakweli on her career journey, the challenges she faced, and her milestones. In the podcast, Lina highlights the different forms of acknowledging the contributions of women in companies and how highlighting the achievements in public inspires other capable women to pursue opportunities. Lina closes the episode by discussing initiatives she has co-led to create a pipeline for leadership and institutions that women would love to work for by focusing on mental health, career development and sexual harassment.


  • Organisations need to revise interview processes to define attributes of job in favour of gender inclusivity.
  • Encouraging women in public, both internally and in more prominent forums, develops a pipeline of capable women who can pursue achievements and opportunities at the workspace. 
  • Competence and expertise do not automatically generate recognition and advancement. It is essential to speak up for yourself, cultivate a sponsor or a supporter who will advocate for your ideas at work, be vigilant for new opportunities, and give people a good reason to remember. 


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