Dr. Millicent Omukaga on Highlighting the Achievements of Women, and Policy Changes for a Gender Inclusive Management

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Millicent Omukaga

In this episode, Angaza Awards Finalist Dr Millicent Omukaga, an Advisor-Women Empowerment and Financial Inclusion at African Development Bank Group, talks to Ally Mwakaneno on the importance of highlighting the achievements of women and how to bring to the surface women who are changing industries in the background. Millicent also shares how her career experiences brought the conscious need to interrogate the gender gap in management and how it inspired her to venture into mentorship for women and girls to draw attention to opportunities. Millicent shares the gaps in policy, including the need for better workplaces practices and policies addressing succession and pay and benefits management.
Read more on Dr Millicent’s work on bringing gender equality on boards on her PhD Thesis: Women on Corporate Boards: Navigating Gender Hurdles to Access Corporate Boards in Kenya.

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