ARM Cement and Investor Protection, Safaricom Entry Into Ethiopia, Banking Stocks, and Liason Group’s Listing

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Safaricom Liaison Group ARM Cement
Safaricom today announced that it is part of a consortium bidding for the telecommunications licences in Ethiopia, a high risk, high reward move since it only targets the telecommunication market. The move could drive its earnings in the short and mid-term, extrapolating Safaricom’s growth in other markets. 
Athi River Mining Cement is calling it quits, following its debt-fueled expansion and miscalculations in Tanzania. Its downfall is likely going to hurt many retail investors, calling for understanding of what it means to be a shareholder, the liability that comes with it and the necessary safety nets for investors.
Liaison Group listing is a test of the NSE’s power to raise funds for companies, as Liason is looking to raise funds for Africa’s expansion through the IPO. Investors await the company’s prospectus. 

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