BAT’s ex Dividend, Jubilee’s Deal with Allianz, and Prospects of Safaricom’s Climbing Share in Light of Upcoming Regulation

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Crown Paints Banking Sector

BAT’s decline could augur well for investors willing to buy the stock for the long term. Jubilee’s underwriting business mimics the underwriting business across the industry, which is not as profitable. Jubilee’s premium investment in government securities differentiates it from the industry, which largely invests premiums in equities, making it an outlier. However, the company’s dividend payout ratio is low, at around 10%, which would not give investors the dividends they expect. Investors could consider holding, as we wait to see the outcome of selling its general insurance to Allianz. African Hair’s listing is still a wait and see as investors recount on burns on previous IPOs. Safaricom’s upclimb is good for the long term. However, possible legislation requiring the company to share infrastructure would shed the company’s market share. Similarly, discussions on the Airtel/Telkom merger could boost its capacity in major towns countrywide, making it a stronger competitor.

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