Of EPRA’s Hold on Pump Prices, Rwanda’s e-mobility Incentives, and the Curious Case of Turkey’s Crypto Ban

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The government’s requirement for international ICT Companies to have at least 30% local ownership could be interesting for investors and give the government more control over the data they obtain and how they use it. EPRA’s decision to maintain pump prices hit retailer’s margins, although the regulator attributed the move to a weaker dollar. This is likely to affect lower-scale Oil Marketing Companies in the sector. A stabilization fund would help lower fuel prices, protecting the country from direct shocks from changes in global oil prices. Rwanda is making bold steps in e-mobility following its announced incentives in the cost of energy, taxes, and infrastructure. Nigeria’s FX ban on sugar and wheat is another stance to protect the Naira, which would benefit from internal sustainability. As for the case of Turkey, the country is looking to control illicit flows of funds as investors await the presence of a regulator across crypto assets. However, like many other hitches to crypto, the ban is likely to follow a better comeback for Crypto as an asset.

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