Of IMF Loans, Govt Stake on Listed Companies, a Weaker Dollar, Nigeria’s Cracking Down on Offshore Investments, Upcoming Coinbase Listing and the Curious Case of Kipchoge’s NFT

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Cost of Starting a Business
Kenya’s COVID debt would receive more public support if the funds could be accounted for, and have a visible impact on people and small businesses. While IMF loans are receiving backlash, they are cheaper alternatives to other lenders and serves as a form of refinancing. There is the option of the government selling its stake on listed companies, which will generate upwards of Ksh 800 billion. The dollar losing ground means that Kenya can make savings on dollar-denominated loans, and expect slight dips in oil prices. However, there have been cases in the past when the dollar came back stronger.
Nigeria’s SEC is hitting on platforms for offshore investments, and it is a classic case of African regulation failing to catch up with innovation, similar to the failure of regulators across the continent taking a backseat stance on cryptocurrency.
Finally, Kipchoge’s 2 NFTs trailblaze a path for athletes, and brand ambassadors to explore the NFT space, giving them opportunities to make more money.

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