Equity’s Share After Results, Expectations on the MPC, NCBA Results, EABL After Another Lockdown, Homeboyz Entertainment and the Suez Blockage

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Equity Bank’s share dipped by 8.29% after the bank failed to declare a dividend. This, however,¬† is a short term reaction given its strong financials and picking digitization strategy. The MPC is likely to maintain status-quo interest rates, as reducing the rates would not favour banks as much as it would favour borrowers. NCBA reported a 41% profit decline with a significant hit in earnings per share, declaring a dividend nonetheless. The new measures in five counties are likely to affect EABL. However, the effects will be negligible, given that the lockdown affects five counties only, and EABL has taken steps to promote online sales. Changes in leadership outlook in Tanzania and the discovering of a new variant could change its COVID-19 measures, affecting EABL’s performance in the country. EABL and UNFPA have cancelled their affiliation with Homeboyz Radio, a subsidiary of Homeboyz Entertainment, but the effects are likely to be short term.

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