Peer-to-Peer Insurance Would Bring, Trust, Transparency and Efficiency Needed in the Local Insurance Space

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P2P Insurance

Ally Mwakaneno talks to insurance experts from Zamara and AiCare on insurance lines that would benefit from Peer-to-Peer Insurance models in Kenya, successes and learnings from P2P insurance implementations globally, the role of regulation in promoting P2P models, and how tech can support and improve the delivery of P2P insurance models in Kenya.


  • Trust is a big factor in the success of peer-to-peer models globally.
  • Kenya’s tech adoption and mobile penetration are ripe to drive digital solutions in insurance.
  • ¬†P2P Insurance could ride on Kenya’s community approach to risks from a proactive insurance.
  • Regulation is still a big deterrent for P2P insurancence in Kenya.

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