Rising Bamburi Shares, Foreigners Exiting KCB Stocks,and the Impact of Biden’s Inauguration on Global Markets.

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Safaricom Liaison Group ARM Cement

Kenyan Wallstreet Chief Financial Analyst Felix Ochieng and CTO Eric Jackson discuss the market performance for the past week, including Bamburi Cement’s rising share price, Safaricom’s anticipated bullish performance the next two months and how Biden’s inauguration will shape global markets.

Highlights of this episode:

  • Safaricom’s bullish rally might continue until March, awaiting announcements for the results for the year.
  • KCB will either decline further as foreign investors continue to sell, or investors picking up the low price opportunity pushing the price up.
  • We are likely to see more activity as foreigners get back to the market.
  • Asian markets face challenges following bans of telecommunication companies by regulators in the U.S.
  • Markets in Singapore and Australia were positive last week.
  • The Kenyan Shilling’s performance awaits a decision on the China Debt Service Initiative application.


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