Dow Touched an All Time High and Oversubscribed Local Bond Markets

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Safaricom Liaison Group ARM Cement

Kenyan Wallstreet Founder Eric Asuma and ¬†Chief Financial Analyst Felix Ochieng talk about investor long term focus in the global markets, rising profit warnings in Kenyan companies and Safaricom’s outlook for 2021.

Highlights of the podcast:

  • Safaricom traded at a high due to increased foreign demand. Its share price could go higher if Ethiopian regulators approve its entry to the market.
  • Banking stocks were resilient despite profit warnings due to COVID following flooring of transaction charges, showing that investors are looking at long term returns.
  • Appetite towards CBK’s Infrastructure bond for the Standard Gauge Railway and LAPSSET among other projects shows that investors have overcome scepticism in the local bond market and seek capital preservation for the long term.
  • US Indices were at an all-time high despite political turmoil in Washington DC, showing that investors could be focusing on long term resilience, pulling away from scepticism on negative political activities.

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