Diversity at Board Level Should Mirror Diversity at Stakeholder Level – Catherine Musakali

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Kenyan Wallstreet Co-Founder Eric Asuma talks to Catherine Musakali, Founding Member at Dorion Associates and Advocate of the High Court on building the capacity of women for board positions, diversity and returns to stakeholders, promoting different voices in company leadership,  how telecommuting is levelling the playing field for gender equality at the workplace and policy and infrastructure for more inclusive workplaces. Catherine also talks about how to recognize and are the achievements of women and inspire the younger generations.

Key Highlights:

  • Leadership and Management boards should have a representation which mirrors their stakeholder composition.
  • Diverse management teams deliver better returns to stakeholders.
  • Making access to board positions competitive will improve the chances of women applying for board positions.
  • We need to encourage women to apply for board positions and build their capacity for such.
  • We need gender-friendly policies to encourage women to scale the career ladder.
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