Investing 101; A Beginner’s Guide for 2021 with Rina Hicks

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Kenyan Wallstreet’s Eric Asuma talks to Rina Hicks, Money-Wise Founder and Faida Investments Director on saving and investing during a pandemic, common mistakes when making investment decisions, picking out between different asset classes, what we should expect in 2021 and some of the red flags investors should watch out for before committing their hard-earned money.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Your values guide your investments.
  2. Watch out for extremely high returns as they come with more risk.
  3. Before investing in a company, understand the sector that it operates in as well as its management before investing in it.
  4. Your investment goals in relation to the amount of funds and time you are willing to commit should determine the asset class.

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