Podcast Interview with Renaissance Capital Economists: Charles Robertson & Yvonne Mhango

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In this episode of the Kenyan Wallstreet Podcast, our Resident Economist Prince Muraguri holds an insightful discussion with two economists from Renaissance Capital: Charles Robertson(Global Chief Economist) and Yvonne Mhango  (Head of Research – Sub-Saharan Africa; Sub-Saharan Africa Economist).
In this episode, you’ll discover:  03:50: Africa has been less vulnerable to COVID-19 due to age dynamics.
08:28: East African countries perform well in the Renaissance Capital’s composite resilience score ranking.
12:41: Higher bond yields in emerging economies in the new decade will likely attract investors to emerging markets.
17:10: Kenya’s GDP projected to grow at 1.5%.
20:15: The link between fertility rates and domestic borrowing rates.
26:14: Kenya’s trade balance dynamics.
29:37:The U.S. Presidential election and the KSH/USD exchange rate.
33:25: More on the Kenyan Shilling – is it misaligned from fair value?
35:43: Key take-aways from the macro panel discussion at the 6th Annual Virtual East Africa Investor Conference.
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